Wedding in Astypalaia, at the small butterfly-shaped island of Astypalea is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Dodecanese island group. It has successfully maintained a peaceful atmosphere and it has not turned into a crowded tourist resort. Its unorganized beaches are truly amazing and another interesting fact about the island is that its settlements have a Cycladic style of architecture.

The wedding ceremony took place in Panagia Portaitissa , one of the most beautiful church in Astypalaia!

At least , a wedding in Astypalaia island is a stunning destination and basically thanks to Sofia and Panagiotis, for this reason we managed to include this enchanting location in our portfolio

We are so thankful that we could accompany this special day of these great humans during their wedding in Astypalaia island . 

However , an ideal for destination wedding in Astypalaia , nature lovers , art aficionados or gastronomy enthusiasts. 

Bride: @sophie_padel 
Groom: Panagiotis Politipoulos
Photography: @castexpressionphotography 
Shooters: @evgenia_anastasiadou @dimitriskanavos_films
Cut: @dimitriskanavos_films

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