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Wedding in Limeni Mani

Limeni Mani is a beautiful coastal village located in the southern part of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. Chrysa and Stavros decide...

Lucy and Daniels wedding in Fiskardo Kefallonia

Lucy and Daniel decide to do their wedding in Fiskardo Kefallonia and specifically to Emelisse Nature resort.Emelisse Nature Resort is a ...

Wedding in Mani Marmari Paradise Resort

A wedding in Mani Lakonia is a unique and unforgettable experience that combines local traditions with modern wedding customs. Mani Lakon...

A sea baptism in Athens with Alexandros

The Alexandros christening in the sea ceremony is symbolic of the journey of life, and the water represents the source of life and purity...

Wedding in Spetses | Zogeria beach

Wedding in Spetses at Zogeria beach. A beautifull day to remember.Zogeria Beach Spetses: The beach of Zogeria is located in a lovely cove...

Wedding Ktima 48 // We are Synchronized

Kassi & Javi created a wonderful day with all there favorite people. It was simply beautiful. Specially their speeches.

Baptism in Logos Fthiotida

A beautiful and emotional Baptism in Logos Fthiotida . Ηigh up in the mountain, in the forest ..

Wedding in Elafonisos island

What a wedding in Elafonisos island ! Good times + Crazy friends = amazing memories

Wedding and Christening at Oropos

A real authentic and emotional wedding at Sikaminos Oropou.

Baptism at Ancient Corinth

A beautiful and emotional baptism at Ancient Corinth . Valeria, a little tiny and smiling miracle..